Flooring Repairs​

Whether you have some minor damage, or need to replace an entire section of flooring, we have the flooring supplies and ecofriendly materials you may need for the job. Here are some common issues we can solve:
Buckling/crowning: our team will identify the cause of buckling, such as excessive moisture fix the issue and re-install the floor correctly.
Squeaky floors: We can use screws and shank nails to nail squeaky planks in place, preventing them from shifting and making noise.
Fading and discoloration: This is usually fixable with a simple sanding, refinishing and staining process. 

Warping: We will identify the cause of excessive moisture and replace all of the affected planks.

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Whether you need help with hardwood floor installation, wood repair, understanding the flooring supplies you need, or anything else, we are here for you.


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